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Simply put, Ian Adair builds successful nonprofits. Ian is a three-time nonprofit CEO and fund development expert, who has raised tens of millions of dollars by focusing on ONE  strategy - Winning Donor Attention.


Ian introduced the nonprofit sector  to the concept of Attention-Focused Fundraising in order to help nonprofits break through the noise, improve donor retention and engagement, and win donor time.

Ian is a speaker, author, and advocate concerning mental health awareness, lived experience, and addressing mental health in the workplace. 


Ian's keynotes and training sessions are well known in the nonprofit  industry for their high energy, radical candor, and humor. Ian is sought after for his tell it like it is style, tactical advice, and for tailoring every keynote and workshop to the needs of the audience in front of him.

Ian launched Strategy 27 to share the value of his experience with organizations and professionals struggling in an ever changing philanthropic landscape.

Services Include:

  • Conference keynotes and workshops.

  • Strategic planning 

  • Website, digital and social media content audit.

  • Board training and education

  • Employee recognition program development

  • Mental health policy planning and implementation.

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Ian Adair builds successful nonprofits by winning donor attention, cultivating strong boards, and by revitalizing mission awareness with stakeholders and community partners.


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Ian Adair - Global Leadership & Fundraising Expert, and Charity Industry Influencer 




  • Twitter: @ianmadair

  • Instagram: @ianmadair

  • LinkedIn:

Areas of Expertise
Fundraising Strategy
Branding & Storytelling
Board Development 
Digital & Social Media
Succession Planning
Nonprofit Leadership
Employee Engagement & Retention
Mental Health Awareness
Upcoming Speaking Engagements


  • Mental Health Global Network. Mental Health Awareness - Instagram LIVE event. June 15, 2020.

  • AFP Virtual Town Hall, Fundraising in a Crisis and Beyond. (Postponed)

  • Economic Club of Tampa, Keynote Speaker. June 22, 2020 (Postponed) 


  • Cherokee Nation, Annual Conference of Community Leaders. July 25, 2020

Ian on Fundraising, Donor Communication and Mental Health        

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