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Areas of Service

Ian’s workshops, speeches, and client services are devoted to helping professional fundraisers, Executive Directors, committee and board volunteers adopt an attention-focused strategy to fundraising and marketing.
The latest research from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP 2016 State of the Sector Review)
shows that nonprofits are losing more than a third of their donors annually and almost two-thirds of their
first time donors each year!
With donors having an abundance of philanthropic choices and an endless amount of information coming at them, the supply and demand for attention is out of control. Creating content that provides value for your audience is a marathon strategy simply because it takes time to build a relationship, but it is also one that builds trust and loyalty needed to support your mission and programs.
Ian's goal is to provide value where YOU need it most. Along with helping your organization learn the how to use Attention-Focused Fundraising strategies to meet your fund development and program awareness goals, below are the areas I believe I can offer the most value to your organization.
Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising Strategy includes a comprehensive development audit designed to enhance those   efforts that are working, eliminate or redesign   those that are not, and introduce new methods to build over time.


This process seeks to produce the most value in every aspect of fund development, in order to   give your organization the advantage it needs to meet its fundraising goals.

Donor Communications

Creating content for your donors and audience must have only one goal in mind- to provide value. Too often communication happens through "push messages," meaning they only have the interest of the nonprofit in mind.


Effective donor communication seeks to build a relationship, establish trust, and/or show transparency. All print, website, digital and social media materials will be reviewed and   recommendations provided. 

Digital & Social Media

Utilizing platforms that have the attention of our audience in an effort to draw them into your organization is the most effective strategy today a nonprofit can do. Social media is just a gateway to an in person relationship.


Organization with two objectives. (1) Find the platform(s) that have their target audiences attention. (2) Create content of value for the people there.

Diversity & Inclusion

An effective D&I strategy can have a positive impact on board governance, donor stewardship, and your employee development and retention efforts. 


Seeking to have more diversity on your board whether gender, race, or skill set can only help further your mission. Other areas that D&I impacts include; how you segment and acknowledge donors, how you recruit volunteers and donors, and how you recruit and train your employees.

Board Development

The Board Development process includes techniques for; identification, recruitment, onboarding, professional development, recognition, assessment, rotation and separation of board volunteers.


Board volunteers learn the competencies needed to lead your organization effectively in the areas of governance, external relations, and fundraising.

Succession Planing 

A succession plan should take into consideration more than just an exiting leader; it should encompass everything from developing a sustainable business model, to strengthening staff and board leadership.


By taking a critical look at all core programs needed to support the nonprofit’s mission, the staff leadership, and analyzing future needs - a nonprofit has a better chance of being prepared for at seamless transition of leadership.

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